Compress Yourself – Tag Cloud Your Resume

Recently, I received a message from my colleague, Htay Hla, Director of Information Technology at University of Arizona. Htay is a member of our Epsilen Web 2.0 group. He had put one of my posted journal articles through a tag cloud generator, Tag Crowd. He sent the generated tag cloud to me in a pdf format. I thought, “AMAZING! Could this be a tool for the classroom?” I tried it. I put my resume through the Tag Crowd. Look! It’s me, professionally compressed!

Nancy Wozniak Professional Tag Cloud

Go to the site – and catch a vision. I see it used in visual arts, economics, writing, history, biology … you name it. Try it. Let me know what you think.

7 thoughts on “Compress Yourself – Tag Cloud Your Resume

  1. I discovered your software back in 2009 and started suggesting to my unemployed professionals that they must match the keywords in the job announcements they come across and do the same with their résumés.

    tehy are reporting significantly more interviews and find the site more useful than the others they have come across.

    I am now teaching the 34 trainers that work with the unemployed customers how to use this. You are doing God’s work! Keep it up.


  2. WOW – who would have known. I am pretty computer savvy and knew that companies are using software to review resumes but did not realize that there was a way for an applicant (such as me) to utilize the same software to my benefit. I will be using it from here on. THANKS!

    Suzanne Lewallen


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